Best Deals: Travel Essentials from TM1985, True Religion Shoes, Alpha Industries, Selvedge & Raw Denim, PGA Tour, The Black Suit, Up to 80% Off Ties & Scarves, Aijek, Jag Jeans, Real & Faux Leather Accents, Statement Coats & Jackets, Almost Gone: Women’s Clutches & Handbags & Shoes at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Travel Essentials from TM1985, True Religion Shoes, Alpha Industries, Selvedge & Raw Denim, PGA Tour, The Black Suit, Up to 80% Off Ties & Scarves, Aijek, Jag Jeans, Real & Faux Leather Accents, Statement Coats & Jackets, Almost Gone: Women’s Clutches & Handbags & Shoes at MYHABIT
TM 1985 Men's Weekender Duffle
EVENT STARTS SAT JAN 4 AT 9 AM PT, deals include Travel Essentials from TM1985, True Religion Shoes, Alpha Industries Outerwear, Best in Class: Selvedge & Raw Denim, PGA Tour, The Black Suit, Up to 80% Off: Ties & Scarves, Aijek, Jag Jeans, Real & Faux: Leather Accents, Trend: Statement Coats & Jackets, Almost Gone: Women’s Clutches, Almost Gone: Women’s Handbags, Almost Gone: Women’s Shoes at MYHABIT.

Travel Essentials from TM1985 at MYHABIT

Travel Essentials from TM1985 at MYHABIT              Check It Out

With a rugged, vintage-like sensibility, and a visible emphasis on true craftsmanship found in each accessory, every piece speaks for itself. The roomy duffels are ideal for weekend trips. An easy-to-carry tote makes sense while in the big city. And dopp kits can go anywhere. You can find all the style you need in the offerings from this Brooklyn-based company.

True Religion Shoes at MYHABIT

True Religion Shoes at MYHABIT              Check It Out

True Religion denim has quite the cult following, but their line of shoes is equally covetable. Every pair in this collection is ready for action with a combination of comfort plus major style. From minimalist hi-top sneakers to classic leather boots, adding that little bit of edge to your denim-centered weekend ensemble has never been easier.

Alpha Industries Outerwear at MYHABIT

Alpha Industries Outerwear at MYHABIT              Check It Out

Since 1959, Alpha Industries has made military clothing specializing in jackets for the U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps. Today, the company continues to create authentic military garments as well casual wear for style-savvy civilians. Rain or shine, this collection of durable jackets and parkas offers a perfect game plan for the chilly weather ahead.

Best in Class Selvedge & Raw Denim at MYHABIT

Best in Class: Selvedge & Raw Denim at MYHABIT              Check It Out

What’s all the buzz about selvage and raw denim? Selvedge denim’s main claim to fame is a finely crafted, crisp edge that prevents raveling. Raw denim refers to the wash of the jean—or rather, the not washing of the jean. Also referred to as “dry” denim, these styles do not go through the final wash at the manufacturer’s hands, so their fit and fading can be much more personalized. Shop this collection for selvedge, raw and other distinct denim styles (blue and otherwise).


PGA Tour at MYHABIT              Check It Out

While it won’t improve your swing, this collection of polos, pullovers and pants, officially licensed by the PGA TOUR, will at least help you look like a pro. Each piece brings a classically casual look, whether you’re on or off the course.

The Black Suit at MYHABIT

The Black Suit at MYHABIT              Check It Out

The wedding. The charity ball. The holiday party. For the times when looking your best is of utmost importance, a sleek black suit is just what you need. Choose from a range of handsome designer cuts and make your very best look even better.

Up to 80 Off Ties & Scarves at MYHABIT

Up to 80% Off: Ties & Scarves at MYHABIT              Check It Out

The man of distinction isn’t afraid of accessories and this selection of scarves and ties will surely set you apart from the pack. Whether you like classic solids and easy neutrals or bold prints and vibrant colors, these pieces will give your wardrobe a pick-me-up.

Aijek at MYHABIT

Aijek at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Founded in 2010 by self-taught Singaporean designer Danelle Woo, Aijek’s mission is to create beautiful, effortless clothing using sustainable, high-quality, natural fibers. Here, find a selection of the line’s easy-to-wear pieces that don’t skimp on style. A jumpsuit with unexpected back ruffles. A demurely sexy little white dress with lace at the shoulders. A peplum top in a whimsical sparrow print. All innovative silhouettes with a distinctly feminine flair.

Jag Jeans at MYHABIT

Jag Jeans at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Jag Jeans deliver the kind of comfort you crave every day and enough style to keep your look up to date. With this collection, fit is also a high priority. No matter your shape, you’re sure to find a well-priced pair of jeans that will figure prominently into your wardrobe from season to season.

Real & Faux Leather Accents at MYHABIT

Real & Faux: Leather Accents at MYHABIT           Check It Out

There’s something about the luxe look of leather. Shop this collection full of faux and genuine designs from some of our favorite brands. Chic, paneled jeans. Cropped jackets and motto vests. Flowy dresses, belted cardigans and more. Add some edge to your wardrobe with any of these unique designs.

Trend Statement Coats & Jackets at MYHABIT

Trend: Statement Coats & Jackets at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Don’t cover up your chic ensembles with a just any old jacket. When you’re headed out in winter weather, you need a coat as fab as your outfit. Think fur and faux fur pieces. Toppers in vivid colors. Sophisticated styles with stand-out embellishments. This collection of outerwear offers plenty of options polished and pretty enough to top off your look.

Almost Gone Clutches at MYHABIT

Almost Gone: Clutches at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Ideal for a night out or a quick run to the store, a smart clutch is your go-to bag. Here, you’ll find plenty of options: Classic streamlined styles are perfect for tucking under your arm while rhinestone-embellished and studded pouches are great for dancing the night away. With so many winning options to choose from, why stop at one?

Almost Gone Handbags at MYHABIT

Almost Gone: Handbags at MYHABIT           Check It Out

Sleek and sophisticated. Bold and bright. Classic and chic. Edgy and on-trend. The handbags offered here say so much about our style—plus they’re our most useful and necessary accessory. Grab one before it’s too late, from this collection ranging from casual hobos to compact cross-body styles, and change up your bag to match your mood.

Almost Gone Shoes Size 11+ at MYHABIT

Almost Gone: Shoes Size 11+ at MYHABIT          Check It Out

Try this on for size: A shoe shopping experience designed just for you. Here, you’ll find boots that pair perfectly with your favorite skinny jeans. Elegant pumps for evenings out. Comfy flats and sneakers to wear on the weekend. All in your size. Here’s your last chance to stock up on these essential styles—and the shopping has never been easier.