Best Deals: Urban Cowgirl, Vic, Whiting & Davis, Katherine Barclay, Carolina Amato, Tuleste Market Jewelry, Jura-Capresso, Rockport, Rogue, The Generic Man, Marc New York, Joseph Abboud, Martin Gordon, Porsche Design Jewelry at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: Urban Cowgirl, Vic, Whiting & Davis, Katherine Barclay, Carolina Amato, Tuleste Market Jewelry, Jura-Capresso, Rockport, Rogue, The Generic Man, Marc New York, Joseph Abboud, Martin Gordon, Porsche Design Jewelry at MYHABIT
Dingo Women's Clipper Harness Boot

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Urban Cowgirl Boots at MYHABIT

Urban Cowgirl: Boots at MYHABIT               Check It Out

One shoe that will never go out of style? Ever? The cowboy boot. Here, we offer just about every iteration of this classic out there. Whether styled with skinny jeans or paired with casual dresses, these versatile boots are undeniably stylish. Short or high, snip or round toes, you’ll find a pair here to ride off into the sunset.


Vic at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Perk up your boot collection with a chic pair from Vic. Here, find silhouettes of all heights in clean and simple designs elevated by cool details. Tuck your skinny jeans into a woven-shaft boot with a stacked heel. Pair tall boots with tights and a skirt and go with metallics for an evening out. Boot season is upon us, so make the most of it.

Whiting & Davis Handbags at MYHABIT

Whiting & Davis: Handbags at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Looking to add a little glitz and glamour to your night look? You’ve got a killer pair of shoes, but why not punch things up with a shimmery clutch or cross-body from world-renowned Whiting & Davis. The glimmering multi-color effect of the mesh globe clutch is eye-catching while the opulent white and gold styles gleam with sophistication. You’ve found your new go-to for nights out.

Katherine Barclay at MYHABIT

Katherine Barclay at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Women of a certain age are often overlooked in the fashion-design world. Sure, spawning hot trends will create buzz around a brand, and the resulting creations are great for the 20-somethings. But what about those of us who’ve already been there and done that? Katherine Barclay understands that we choose to make statements without shouting. This philosophy culminates in highly wearable clothing that embraces trends, but is subtler and more refined.

Carolina Amato at MYHABIT

Carolina Amato at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Gloves and scarves are a must for the chilly winter months on the horizon. But necessities don’t have to be boring, as evident in this collection from Carolina Amato. Here, find ribbed infinity scarves, pop-top mittens, elbow-length gloves, leather and knit combos, gloves with satin sashes—out-of-the-ordinary pieces that keep you warm and up your style factor. We’ll be grabbing gloves that let us use our smart phones without freezing fingers.

Tuleste Market Jewelry at MYHABIT

Tuleste Market Jewelry at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Fashion-forward but still very refined, Tuleste Market is a favorite of industry insiders. With keen attention to detail and elegant materials like Swarovski crystals, this collection is ideal for jewelry lovers who like to make a bold, modern statement. Our top picks: Animal-themed pendant necklaces. Hearts on earrings, necklaces and bracelets. And, dramatic nature-inspired earrings.

Jura-Capresso at MYHABIT

Jura-Capresso at MYHABIT               Check It Out

Bring the sophistication of a European café to your kitchen with one of Jura-Capresso’s espresso machines or coffee makers. This esteemed company is dedicated to bringing aromatic high-pressure brewed coffee, their specialty, to discerning aficionados the world over. And with all the accessories offered here, from grinders to milk frothers, you may never step into a café again.

Rockport at MYHABIT

Rockport at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Founded in 1971, Rockport has a simple philosophy when it comes to shoes: Walkability. Indeed, the company is known for designing footwear that is stylish without skimping on comfort or function. Smart shoe shoppers, rejoice: The versatile collection here offers a range of oxfords, loafers, boots and more that definitely look good and feel good.

Rogue at MYHABIT

Rogue at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Rogue creates comfort shoes disguised as luxe on-trend looks. The rich, rugged pairs here marry form and function in high-quality leather, careful distressing and cushioned insoles. Their expert craftsmanship spans silhouettes ranging from classic wingtips to ruggedly modified ankle boots. With Rogue’s thoughtful designs and impeccable taste, adding a rustic yet refined touch to your style has never been easier.

The Generic Man at MYHABIT

The Generic Man at MYHABIT             Check It Out

The Generic Man stands for the opposite of everything you may think it does, including individuality, versatility and style integrity. These easy to wear styles are all handmade in Portugal, taking inspiration for the culture of Los Angeles. Throw in hints of sophistication, and there you have it: a shoe that’s bold and unique, yet cleanly cut and refined.

Marc New York at MYHABIT

Marc New York at MYHABIT             Check It Out

High-quality leather and attention to detail are the defining factors of Marc New York’s line of accessories. This selection of bags offers great options for the man on the go. Whether you need a roomy duffle for trips to the gym, a cool messenger bag for daily use, or a sporty knapsack for weekend getaways, you’ll find just what you need here—all in a decidedly masculine palette of earthy blacks and browns.

Evening Wear ft. Joseph Abboud at MYHABIT

Evening Wear ft. Joseph Abboud at MYHABIT             Check It Out

Special occasions require a polished look. Get started with this collection of sport coats and dress shirts. Start with a shirt that matches your style and the event. Solid colors for a refined look. Paisley prints for a touch of color and fun. Top either one with a velvet coat and you have a distinguished combination that no one will forget. The details: Brands also include Canali, Etro and more.

Martin Gordon at MYHABIT

Martin Gordon at MYHABIT             Check It Out

With an emphasis on both classic style and comfort, these Martin Gordon looks are naturally destined to become staples. Distinguished suits, blazers and coats makes the ultimate statement that reads sophisticated and put-together. Whether it’s for that important interview, bringing your best to the boardroom or impressing a first date, these sharp pieces are all essentials for the office and beyond.

Porsche Design Jewelry at MYHABIT

Porsche Design Jewelry at MYHABIT            Check It Out

Sleek. Sophisticated. Eye-catching, but not overly flashy. Sure, we’re talking about the car, but the same sort of labels apply to Porsche Design jewelry, too. Get the vibe—with or without the car—when you choose a bracelet, money clip or pair of cufflinks in a rugged, sexy material like titanium, leather or onyx.