Best Deals: WeSC, Frank Wright, Jeremiah, Timberland, Civil Society, Beverly Hills Polo Club, RAPP Black, Akribos XXIV Watches, Bulova, Granville Rugs, Parvez Taj Artwork, Maxim’s de Paris at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: WeSC, Frank Wright, Jeremiah, Timberland, Civil Society, Beverly Hills Polo Club, RAPP Black, Akribos XXIV Watches, Bulova, Granville Rugs, Parvez Taj Artwork, Maxim’s de Paris at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS FRI MAR 18 AT 9 AM PT, deals include WeSC, Frank Wright, Step Into the Corner Office, Jeremiah, All-American Style feat. Timberland, Civil Society, Beverly Hills Polo Club, RAPP Black, Akribos XXIV Watches, Bulova, Granville Indoor/Outdoor Rugs, The Modern Minimalist Bedroom, Best Sellers: Parvez Taj Artwork, Made In France: Maxim’s de Paris at MYHABIT.


WeSC at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Stockholm label WeSC has been challenging conventional notions of style since 1999. The self-described “streetwear” label encourages its customers to break the rules both in how they think and what they wear. The brand is known for its contemporary and unique clothing, footwear and accessories.

Frank Wright at MYHABIT

Frank Wright at MYHABIT         Check It Out

A British brand with a strong legacy, Frank Wright has been one of the world’s leading shoemakers since 1895. The company was established in London and originally made peg-sole boots for local cavalry officers. Several decades later the brand had established itself as a must-have for the refined gentleman, producing fashion-forward footwear designed around classic styles.

Step Into the Corner Office at MYHABIT

Step Into the Corner Office at MYHABIT         Check It Out

You’ve proven yourself on every level in the workplace—now show your style is just as competent from the ground up, too. These loafers, oxfords and more say “corner office” with every sleek and sophisticated detail, give you a feeling of total control both in your office and out.

Jeremiah at MYHABIT

Jeremiah at MYHABIT         Check It Out

A menswear line inspired by the great outdoors and all of the adventures that await. Jeremiah was founded in 2007 with an all-American point of view. High-end natural fabrics are paired with unique details and treatments for maximum style impact.

All-American Style feat. Timberland at MYHABIT

All-American Style feat. Timberland at MYHABIT         Check It Out

That classic, All-American look requires a few key pieces. Crisp button-ups and sporty polo shirts. Soft pullovers and cardigans. A timeless and versatile jacket. Neutral pants that go with everything. You’ll find the mix-and-matchable essentials for a well-stocked closet right here.

Civil Society at MYHABIT

Civil Society at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Practice the art of well-mannered dressing with the help of these elevated, contemporary classics from Civil Society. Here, find shirts, blazers, joggers and more that are cool and unexpected options for everyday dressing from a designer that’s been turning out elegant-with-and-edge pieces since 2007.

Beverly Hills Polo Club at MYHABIT

Beverly Hills Polo Club at MYHABIT         Check It Out

With a history stretching back to the early 20th Century with the foundation of the legendary Beverly Hills Polo Club, this brand is devoted to the classics. With preppy-infused basics and more all sporting their famous trademarked logo, any guy can feel his stylish best every day of the week.


RAPP Black at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Both American and international in spirit, each RAPP Black timepiece presents you with a blend of non-conformist style and maven attitude. Calling upon craftsmanship, quality materials and branding to set them apart, they’ve also honed an exaggerated understanding of trend, mixed with vintage and modern watch design. Here, find a selection of chronographs and classics, each a cleverly bold interpretation of past, present and future times.

Akribos XXIV Watches at MYHABIT

Akribos XXIV Watches at MYHABIT         Check It Out

Discover the meaning behind the brand: Akribos (exact or precise in Greek) and XXIV (which reminds us of the 24 hours in each day). In addition to the eloquent branding, with Akribos, you’ll also enjoy a powerful mix of high-grade materials and daring designs.

Bulova at MYHABIT

Bulova at MYHABIT         Check It Out

With an unmatched sense of sophistication and class, Bulova timepieces have been at the forefront of innovation since Joseph Bulova opened his small Lower Manhattan store in 1875. Combining quality with artistry, the timepieces in this collection make a statement with their beauty and simplicity. They’re understated enough to wear to the office and elegant enough to wear to a formal dinner.

Granville Indoor Outdoor Rugs at MYHABIT

Granville Indoor/Outdoor Rugs at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Spring is in the air. There may still be a few more bouts of winter, but it’s definitely time to start prepping your home for warmer weather. Begin with an indoor/outdoor rug or two from Granville. Durable and easy to care for, these designs are perfect for not only patios and porches, but high-traffic areas like kitchens and entryways. In a range of colors and patterns, you’re sure to discover one here that will match your décor and make it ready for the new season.

The Modern Minimalist Bedroom at MYHABIT

The Modern Minimalist Bedroom at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Clean, sleek lines. Bold shapes. Vibrant hues balanced with natural colors. These define the chests, beds and benches in this collection. Find pieces to add to your bedroom in order to create a look that is inspired by modern minimalist style.

Best Sellers Parvez Taj Artwork at MYHABIT

Best Sellers: Parvez Taj Artwork at MYHABIT        Check It Out

Canada-born and LA-based artist Parvez Taj utilizes photographs, software, UV-cured inks and a mix of natural materials to create unique masterpieces. The collection here shows off works that are vivid, modern and one-of-a-kind.

Made In France Maxim's de Paris at MYHABIT

Made In France: Maxim’s de Paris at MYHABIT        Check It Out

At the height of the Belle Époque in Paris at the turn of the 20th Century, Maxim’s de Paris was the “It” place for artists, designers and people in the know. Over 120 years later, Maxim’s stands as a testament to the lasting impact that Paris has had on Western art, food and culture, and with their gourmet treats and collectible home goods, you now can infuse the spirit of that iconic café in to any moment.