Best Deals: World of Kenneth Cole, Andrew Marc, Versace, Prada & Fendi & Salvatore Ferragamo & Burberry & Gucci Accessories, Kinetix, Vivienne Westwood, James Dean, Olympia Luggage, Laguiole en Aubrac at MYHABIT

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  • Best Deals: World of Kenneth Cole, Andrew Marc, Versace, Prada & Fendi & Salvatore Ferragamo & Burberry & Gucci Accessories, Kinetix, Vivienne Westwood, James Dean, Olympia Luggage, Laguiole en Aubrac at MYHABIT

EVENT STARTS THU SEP 10 AT 9 AM PT, deals include World of Kenneth Cole, Andrew Marc, Versace Shoes & Accessories, Prada Accessories, Fendi Accessories, Salvatore Ferragamo Accessories, Burberry Accessories, New Arrivals: Kinetix, Vivienne Westwood, Style Inspiration: James Dean, Gucci Accessories, Hardcases & More feat. Olympia Luggage, Up to 70% Off: Laguiole en Aubrac, Build a Bedroom at MYHABIT.

World of Kenneth Cole at MYHABIT

World of Kenneth Cole at MYHABIT       Check It Out

The year was 1982 and Kenneth Cole was broke. He obtained a film permit for a fictitious production that allowed him to park a giant truck in New York and sell shoes. After selling 40,000 pairs in two days, a legitimate company was born. Now, the designer label encompasses three lines and is celebrated worldwide for its classic silhouettes and elegant tailoring.

Andrew Marc at MYHABIT

Andrew Marc at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Established in 1982 and headquartered in NYC, Andrew Marc originated as a leather goods company and has since expanded to outerwear, sportswear, footwear and beyond. They pride themselves on innovation, high-end materials and top-notch craftsmanship. Both their Andrew Marc and Marc New York lines are true American iconic brands that define fashion, defy trends, and stand the test of time.

Versace Shoes & Accessories at MYHABIT

Versace Shoes & Accessories at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Italian label Versace is synonymous with glamour. The storied company was founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace, and was immediately embraced as one of the world’s foremost fashion houses. Today, with Donatella Versace, sister of Gianni, at the creative helm, Versace continues to design the exquisite pieces for which it was initially lauded more than three decades ago.

Prada Accessories at MYHABIT

Prada Accessories at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Founded as a leather goods company in 1913 by brothers Mario and Martino, Prada has grown to become one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. Now headed by Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia, Prada is synonymous with cutting-edge ready-to-wear, fragrances, accessories and the rich leather goods that the company was built upon.

Fendi Accessories at MYHABIT

Fendi Accessories at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Founded as a fur and leather goods company in 1925, Fendi is one of Italy’s most beloved luxury fashion houses, known for its elegance, craftsmanship and style. Today, the label is famous not only for cutting-edge fur and ready-to-wear, but also for its accessories.

Salvatore Ferragamo Accessories at MYHABIT

Salvatore Ferragamo Accessories at MYHABIT       Check It Out

After making his way to the United States in 1914, Salvatore Ferragamo started designing footwear and quickly made a name for himself amongst the celebrity set during the 1920s. In 1927, he returned to his native Italy and founded his own label. After his death in 1960, his widow took over the company, introducing women’s and men’s clothing, eyewear, perfume and accessories to the house.

Burberry Accessories at MYHABIT

Burberry Accessories at MYHABIT       Check It Out

No one does classic style quite like Burberry. Founded in 1856, the British fashion house, known for its trench coats and signature plaid, offers clothing and accessories with clean, sophisticated lines and silhouettes that feel at once timeless and modern.

Gucci Accessories at MYHABIT

Gucci Accessories at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, Gucci began as a fine leather goods shop in Florence, Italy. After his initial success, Gucci, together with his three sons, expanded the company and opened additional shops across Italy, selling handbags and shoes—including the now-iconic ornamented loafer—as well as silks and knitwear. Today, the company’s distinctive lines, signature “double G” logo and horsebit hardware make its clothing, shoes and accessories sought after by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts the world over.

New Arrivals Kinetix at MYHABIT

New Arrivals: Kinetix at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Based out of Los Angeles, Kinetix offers creative and sophisticated menswear that never compromises on quality or comfort. Refined yet playful, this line’s stylish tees, tanks, hoodies and more take pride in the legendarily laidback, Southern California attitude.

Vivienne Westwood at MYHABIT

Vivienne Westwood at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Few designers are as influential as the incomparable Vivienne Westwood. Beginning in the 1970s, Westwood helped create and popularize some of the most enduring trends in fashion, including punk, pirate and Edwardian styles, marked by a distinct take-no-prisoners British attitude.

Style Inspiration James Dean at MYHABIT

Style Inspiration: James Dean at MYHABIT       Check It Out

He may have been a rebel without a cause, but he was not a rebel without style. This collection takes inspiration from the iconic bad-boy look of James Dean. A cool leather jacket topping off a classic tee. Rugged lace-up boots. And, of course, quintessential denim. Whether you accessories with smokes, a modern pompadour and a healthy dose of angst is up to you.


Hardcases & More feat. Olympia Luggage at MYHABIT

Hardcases & More feat. Olympia Luggage at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Durability, stability, reliability—what more could you ask from luggage? With Olympia Luggage you get that and more, all for a price that you can’t beat. So pack it up, pack it in—do whatever you need to do to get out of town for those final days of summer with the help of Olympia’s timeless suitcases.

Up to 70 Off Laguiole en Aubrac at MYHABIT

Up to 70% Off: Laguiole en Aubrac at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Started in 1829, Laguiole en Aubrac is known for their knives. Not just any knives, but those crafted from horn and precious woods and with great attention paid to the fitting, assembly and finishing processes. The brand’s signature pieces, which include folding knives flatware, serving sets, corkscrews and shaving sets, all feature rich, handsome handles and quality craftsmanship.

Build a Bedroom at MYHABIT

Build a Bedroom at MYHABIT       Check It Out

Building your perfect bedroom is a rite of passage. Hand-me-downs, acquired pieces and found pieces can be charming, but they don’t portray your unique personality. Find pieces here that will become staples in your home as it continues to grow and thrive. Tufted headboards, polished hardwood dressers, and bedding designs to match every aesthetic. From these, build your perfect master suite.