For Good Measure: Cifonelli Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook at Barneys New York

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For Good Measure—The Fall-Winter 2015 collection from the House of Cifonelli brings bespoke heritage—and inimitable style—to ready-to-wear with its first full collection. Combines the heritage of bespoke details and proportions with a Tuscany-inspired palette, the tailored silhouette is perfectly balanced by a gracefully slim line and distinctive shoulder that has a timeless yet completely contemporary verve and vitality.

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Cifonelli Cashmere Marcello Wrap Overcoat

Cifonelli Cashmere Marcello Wrap OvercoatCifonelli Cashmere TurtleneckCifonelli Corduroy Trousers

Cifonelli Birdseye Montecarlo Two-Button Sportcoat

Cifonelli Birdseye Montecarlo Two-Button SportcoatCifonelli Piqué ShirtCifonelli Corduroy TrousersCifonelli Suede Venetian Slippers

Cifonelli Roadster Jacket

Cifonelli Roadster JacketCifonelli Turtleneck SweaterCifonelli Corduroy Trousers

Cifonelli Suede Bomber Jacket

Cifonelli Suede Bomber JacketCifonelli V-Neck SweaterCifonelli Corduroy Trousers

Cifonelli Striped Two-Button Marbeuf Suit

Cifonelli Striped Two-Button Marbeuf SuitCifonelli Birdseye-Weave ShirtCifonelli Polka Dot Necktie

Cifonelli Striped Marbeuf Two-Button Suit

Cifonelli Striped Marbeuf Two-Button SuitCifonelli Plaid Poplin ShirtCifonelli Herringbone Necktie

Cifonelli Plaid Montecarlo Two-Button Sportcoat

Cifonelli Plaid Montecarlo Two-Button SportcoatCifonelli Birdseye-Weave ShirtCifonelli Flannel Trousers

Cifonelli Plaid Two-Button Marbeuf Suit

Cifonelli Plaid Two-Button Marbeuf SuitCifonelliStriped ShirtCifonelli Jacquard Necktie

Cifonelli Velvet Single-Button Marbeuf Sportcoat

Cifonelli Velvet Single-Button Marbeuf SportcoatCifonelli Crest-Embroidered Velvet Slippers

Cifonelli Piqué Shirt

Cifonelli Velvet Single-Button Marbeuf Sportcoat, Cifonelli Piqué Shirt