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3.1 Phillip Lim Grey Reversible Sherpa Jacket

Phil­lip Lim br­ings the con­cept of white noise to his Fall 2012 col­lec­tion, using frequen­cies of white to in­tens­ify his rich palet­te, con­struct­ing a col­lec­tion that elevates the sar­tori­al style of 1960s British co­un­tercul­ture, re-working the form­al houndstooth and ox­ford prints worn by suedeheads and rudeboys. Crop­ped cuts and ex­ag­gerated layer­ing are balan­ced by con­tem­pora­ry trom­pe l’oeil tw­ists: two-in-one shorts are layered over loun­ge pants, wool dress pants fea­ture il­lus­ion panels and a con­ver­tible in­tar­sia knit sweat­er with de­tach­able sleeves re­calls the suedehead-favored sweat­er vest.

Lim’s outer­wear com­bines his sig­na­ture aesthetic with the archetyp­al style of British boot boys, re­in­vent­ing their form­al top­coats in season­al pop col­ors and func­tion­al, ver­satile con­struc­tions. Sheepskin marks a firm nod to Lim’s co­un­tercul­ture in­flu­ence, wheth­er sliced in panels at the chest of a sleek white over­coat, or dyed bright oran­ge ac­ross a bomb­er jac­ket, al­ongside a stand-out di­git­al print gentlemen’s over­coat – a clear re­in­ven­tion of the clas­sic Crom­bie coat that was com­monplace among the formally-inclined suedeheads.

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